Tuesday, January 10, 2012

it's been a while....

i looked at the last time i published a post.   it happened to be right before i got married.  man time flies....

since marriage, remi and i have moved to greenville, oh.  what toledo is to restaurants per capita, greenville is to corn and soybeans surrounding it.  if we wanted to go to a restaurant that we were used to back home, we would have to travel either to dayton or richmond, in.  otherwise, there's maid-rite, which is a sandwich place that resembles sloppy joe's but not as sloppy.  it holds a nostalgic place in the people's hearts here, as it is one of the oldest establishments in the city.  we ate there within the first month of living there.  it left much to be desired.  i'm not saying it was bad, but being used to drowning in a sea of gastronomic choices in toledo, my expectations were too high for what i consumed.  to be fair, there are other restaurants in the city limits, but there are only two or three that we'll go to for food.

and in the four months we've been living here, we're slowly but surely making friends.  we have a group of people that we regularly hang with.  they're becoming like family to us, which is what we need since we're more than two hours away from our families.  besides, Jesus redefined family while suffering on the cross in john's gospel as the author and Jesus' mother watched.  the brevity of what He said to them should not be lost on us, as we are called to be children of God, and we are all brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers in Him.

in the midst of making friends here, i have now opened my eyes to see that i have taken for granted all of the friendships i've made in toledo.  i must confess that i have been a bad friend and brother and i apologize to all of you.  i pray that in time we communicate more frequently and with the intention of being Jesus to one another.

so until then, i will be more vigilant to blog more often.  i believe you should know what is going on here in greenville and what the Lord is doing in remi and i and through us.  be on the look out for semi-frequent blogging from me.

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